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Doula Los Angeles is ready to be by your side helping you in whatever you and your family needs! Being an expectant mother is hard enough without having to worry not only about you and your baby, but additional family members; such as spouse and kids.

Let us your helping hand, as you try and plan out your perfect pregnancy, and prepare you and your family for it.

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Welcome To Doula Los Angeles

You are here because you probably googled “doula services near me”. You are searching to see if a LA doula is something you really need, or maybe you are already sold on getting one! Either way, you found the perfect place to be. Stop googling “doulas near me” and let us do that for you.

Los Angeles Doula is here to help you, and show you why getting a los angeles doula is the best decision you will make for your pregnancy! We guarantee to be everything you need as an expectant mother, we have helped many mothers and will continue to be honored to do so. We are here to answer all questions to ask a doula that you can think of. We are trained in prenatal, birth, postpartum, prenatal and end of life doula care (also known as a death doula).

About Doula Los Angeles

Our mission is to make sure that our mothers and their families are ready for a new change in their lives. A new baby is a beautiful blessing, however they come and we are here to help you transition into this new way of life! Our doulas are the best trained and certified in their field. They are knowledgeable about different options and techniques that are useful for our expectant mothers.

We value that our mothers are comfortable and ready for their newborn baby! We are the best here in Doula Los Angeles, CA and we would love to talk to you today and help you find a doula near you!

Why choose Doula Los Angeles

Our doula agency is here and ready to help you through your pregnancy and postpartum care. We have worked with many mothers and have experience handling many different situations!

We are ready for a hospital birth, at home birth or even any emergencies that we only hope will not arise! We will also do everything in our power to ensure they don't! We know how momentous this time in your life can be, and we want to be there aiding you the whole way! We find it important that our doulas:

  • Our the most educated and well trained in their field
  • Are ready for any occasion/emergency that may arise
  • Are there 24/7 when their mothers need them
  • Are knowledgeable on techniques and positions to help relax the mother
  • That not only the mother but the family feels emotionally, mentally and physically well
  • That we offer the best doula prices for what you need

We have been here in the community for years helping so many expecting mothers. We are honored every time a mother picks us to help her through such a journey. Call us today so we can discuss how we can help you achieve your dream pregnancy, and we can give you a free estimate.

What to expect from Doula Los Angeles

Our doulas maintain a high standard of care and knowledge, so that our mothers always find us dependable in what they need. Our doulas are the best trained in their field as well as educated. They are prepared to handle any situation that may arise with their mothers, and are here to help and support you through all of it.

Our mothers and their families have found our doulas to be trustworthy and reliable, and have fulfilled all their needs. If you contact us today we can get started on planning out goals for your pregnancy! We would love to work with you and your schedule and have one of our best doulas meet up to get to know you, and you them!

If it doesn't seem to be the right fit we are more than happy to introduce other doulas that would work better for you! We are here for you and to find what works for you! Our doula LA will be there with you every step of the way

Our Services

Our doula agency is excited to find the perfect match for you and your family! Our doula services range from prenatal care to postpartum doulas. We understand pregnancy isn't just a nine month journey, but there is so much more after! We are here to guide you through all of it. Here is a list of all our services and how we want to help you.

los angeles prenatal doula

Prenatal Doula

  • Your doula will be able to help you plan out your birth

  • Your doula can help you prepare yourself emotionally and mentally

  • Your doula will also make sure you are physically prepared

  • Your doula will make sure your family is also prepared for a newborn

  • You will have unlimited email or phone support form your doula
los angeles birth doula

Birth Doula

  • Your doula will be there for in person support during you labor

  • Your doula will be there to help facilitate communication between you and your team

  • They are available to capture any moments with a camera that you are hoping for

  • Available to run for the doctor if needed, while your partner stays close

  • Available to offer holistic pain management techniques
los angeles postpartum doula

Postpartum Doula

  • Ready to help you transition into newborn life

  • Available to help any family members also manage the change

  • Available to help with techniques to master breastfeeding, if that's what you choose to do

  • Helping the mother bond with their newborn

  • Able to help with light cleaning or running of errands

  • Can also help with meal prep

  • Will help you learn sleep scheduling for your baby

  • Postnatal doula care included

  • Postpartum doula los angeles is ready to help you!

About Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California is located in the southern region of its state. Its population runs around 12 million people with the most dynamic economy. It’s economy mainly runs off of its service sector, but trade, health services and finance are also a big part of it. Los Angeles is famous for its hollywood sign and the movie making sector of the city.

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  • San Bernardino, CA
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  • Santa Ana, C.
  • Glendale, CA
  • And Surrounding Areas


“Can you explain doula vs. midwife?”

Doulas keep their mothers number one priority, as they don’t have other patients or medical responsibilities to take care of! They can't administer pain medications, but they do have different techniques and position that are holistic and can help with pain management .

“What does a doula do?”

Doulas are the perfect aid for expectant mothers. They are ready to plan your birth plan out, giving any suggestions or tips, they are ready for the day of labor, to help with different techniques and positions to help you along, and they are there for the after birth care as well!

“How much does a doula cost?”

Doula prices can vary per city, we would love to talk to you today on a one on one phone call to see exactly what you are looking for! By doing that, we can get a better idea and give you a free estimate for doula los angeles cost! Stop researching how much is a doula online, and let us figure that out for you personally!

“How can i find a doula near me?”

The only thing you need to worry about is contacting us today, and we will do the rest! No need to worry anymore, thinking to yourself, “how can I find doula services near me?”, we have it covered for you.

“What's a doula?”

Doula is a trained professional who provides emotional, mental and physical support to an expecting mother, before, during, and after labor!

“How do I find a postpartum doula near me?”

We are here to help you find the best postpartum doula near you. We know that this moment in your life is a big one, and we want to help you make it as easy for you as possible. Our postpartum doulas are equipped to help you transition into the life of having a newborn at home!

"Let me tell you, if you are even considering getting a doula. You need to do it. I know that doula prices can be overwhelming for some, but do yourself a favor and hire a doula. Put yourself first and invest in a doula, doula services are exactly what you're looking for, to get through your pregnancy."

sophie g

"I am so thankful that my best friend pushed me to get a doula. It was honestly a life saving decision for me, all the days leading up to labor and the day of. My doula treated me like the only person in the room, which of course I wasn't, but I sure felt like the most important one! If I had to do it all over again, I would still hire my doula. Best birth doula out there."

naomi s

"I can’t gush over my doula enough. The quality of service I received was phenomenal. My doula was there for me through my entire labor, massaging my back, offering me ice chips and words of encouragement. She understood how I didnt want an epidural at first, but also understood and communicated to my team when I was ready for one. I was so lucky to find a doula near me who fit my needs so perfectly."

Holly p

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Doula Los Angeles is brimming with trained professional doulas who are ready to help you. The first nine months can be a lot to handle, labor is intense, and after care for you and your baby can be overwhelming. That is why you need to hire Doula Los Angeles California, you need to allow yourself to let people, trained individuals, help you and your family through such an intense time of your lives! We know what we are doing, and we guarantee, by the end of having us, so will you!

Contact us today here at Doula Los Angeles so we can get started and help you from the very beginning make this the easiest transition and addition to your family. We are excited to work with your schedule and your needs!

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